Bernard Allison

As a true “Son of the Blues”, Bernard possesses the requisite guitar feel and vocal intonations necessary to propel his blues to the next century. He delivers the energy level essential to captivate audiences and indulges showmanship and spontaneity to drive his performance in fresh, innovative directions each night. Bernard Allison totes the same smokin’ six-string shooter that his father, the late great Luther Allison, assaulted the blues with. Bernard is blessed with his father’s soulful voice, spiritual devotion and a musical freedom, which experiments with the blues. Born in Chicago, he was the youngest of nine children. Like Ken Griffey Jr., hanging out in baseball locker rooms as a youth, Luther’s son was a kid running on stage throughout the bands’ sets. Experiences like that profoundly affect one’s aspirations. “That’s when I decided that I wanted to be up there with him. I think I was seven.”