Crystal “Country Girl” Thomas

Crystal Thomas using her voice as a positive influence and as encouragement. She enjoys lifting people up to be better, love better, and live better. Crystal Thomas is big and she’s bluesy, and raw. She can grind a note and use it any way she wants. After all, she grew up listening to Muddy and Jimmy Reed and Johnnie Taylor and rapped, too. Gritty music is in her blood. She sang before she talked. She belts it out in church, in juke joints, wowing the crowds in Hong Kong, Japan and Europe. This woman sings with the kind of raw emotion that makes you glad you are alive – even if life it tough. Crystal is the real deal. She can tell you about growing up in Mansfield, Louisiana in the deep country. She remembers playing DJ while her family played cards and picking up the trombone in fifth grade because her brother had it and her mom didn’t want to purchase another instrument.