Joanna Connor

Once she stepped off a greyhound bus in Chicago in October of 1984, it took guitarist and vocalist Joanna Connor only a few months to take the city’s highly competitive blues circuit by storm. Chicago magazine hailed her as “the most exciting new talent on the blues scene.” The Chicago Sun-Times called her “a powerhouse guitarist with a sense of rock dynamics–her playing has a fire that is free of self-indulgence.” Connor and her searing slide guitar work have been raising eyebrows of blues aficionados and critics everywhere ever since. As the Boston Globe noted, “She brings a revved-up rock flavor to the blues with a desire to move the music forward, not just embalm it.” The Joanna Connor Band has gone on to become a frequent attraction not only at leading blues nightspots, but also as a featured act at major festivals in the U.S. and Canada. Connor has also developed a strong following in Europe, Brazil, and Japan as a result of many overseas appearances. Connor’s latest Blind Pig CD, “Slidetime,” displays her maturity as a songwriter, with all 11 original compositions. This recording also features her trademark gritty guitar work and strongest, most impassioned vocals to date.