Bernard Allison

As a true “Son of the Blues”, Bernard possesses the requisite guitar feel and vocal intonations necessary to propel his blues to the next century. He delivers the energy level essential to captivate audiences and indulges showmanship and spontaneity to drive his per... read more


Benjamin William Lattimore (born September 7, 1939) known professionally as Latimore, is an American blues and R&B singer, songwriter and pianist. Latimore was born in Charleston, Tennessee, and was influenced by country music, his Baptist church choir, and the blue... read more

Dawn Tyler Watson

Multiple award-winning, Montreal based Singer/Songwriter Dawn Tyler Watson has earned her place among the International Blues elite. Her fiery stage presence and soul-stirring performances have garnered her national and world-wide recognition. With two recent Maple Blue... read more

James Armstrong

Born into a musical family in 1957 in Los Angeles, James Armstrong had blues music in his blood from the very start. His Mom was a blues singer, his Dad played jazz guitar. Armstrong formed his first band in the 7th grade, and by age 17 he was touring the country. James... read more

Jimmy Carpenter

Saxophonist, singer-songwriter, and arranger, began his musical journey over 35 years ago. Jimmy has written, arranged and recorded the horns for many artists, and has gained a reputation as a master Blues, Rock-n-Roll and R&B saxophonist. Jimmy has also released th... read more

Terrie Odabi

Few vocalists own the stage like Terrie Odabi. When the statuesque Oakland native begins to sing, a hush falls over the audience. They’re about to take a ride through the highs and lows of soul music, led by a beautiful singer who packs her shows with heart-pumping en... read more

Doug MacLeod

MacLeod is known for his superb songwriting, guitar wizardry, warm soulful vocals, wit and unforgettable live performances. At the heart of a Doug MacLeod performance is his knack for storytelling, bringing characters-from the faceless to the legendary-to strikingly rea... read more

Johnny Rawls

Johnny is a soul blues legend. The term soul blues was invented to describe his music.  He is an internationally recognized recording artist, music producer, and songwriter who tours extensively throughout North America and overseas. The Blues Music Awards, Blues Blast... read more

Cece Teneal and Soul Kamotion

Lead singer, CeCe Teneal is an award-winning, undeniable talent whom both critics and fans call “a musical force to be reckoned with,” and her achievements in the industry over the past decade are certainly a testament to that view. The funkiest musicians to ever to... read more

Annika Chambers

Annika grew up singing in the church, but it was during her two tours of duty in the US Army that Chambers realized the gift she had. Chambers became part of a touring band making the rounds through Kosovo and Iraq, providing a welcome lift for the troops’ morale. Ret... read more